Here’s what happened when I uninstalled WhatsApp for 5 days!

I did the unthinkable.

I uninstalled WhatsApp.

Why? You may ask…

Either I wanted to get away from my annoying beau, ignore my self-proclaimed best friend, distance myself from people and their problems or just simply spend time alone.

But truth be told, all I needed was some me time.

My fascinating findings

So here is what happened. There was just so much time on my hands. It’s alarming and crazy when you finally realise how social media has taken over your life.

The answers to those unresolved questions…

I actually went through my phone- the lesser explored areas of it!

When you accept that you can’t laze around anymore and you feel like studying (*gasp*)

My books have never seemed so interesting. I actually learnt a few modules. University toppers beware!

Bidding adieu to all the crazy photos and videos in your gallery.

Have you ever opened your phone to show something to your friend only to have been embarrassed by the silly selfies and auto-downloaded random junk in it?


Sometimes the best thing you can do is to go for a long walk and get some shut-eye.

Slaying your dragons.

I finally found time to strike things off my to-do list. Amongst other things I rearranged my shelves, cleaned my room, colour coordinated my laundry, spoke to my relatives after a very long time and I still had free time.

Left-over data! OMG!

The worst thing you could do in this fast-paced technology-driven online media-hungry world is to not finish your precious MBs!

I ended up saving my data. Now that was a real bummer though.I wonder what my parents go through every day.

Discovering your true friends!

We often forget that we don’t need instant messaging apps and social media to appreciate how amazing our life is. And I’m thankful to all my friends who didn’t let Whatsapp affect my relations with them.

But things weren’t so hunky dory all round.

Things got outright annoying!

No information whatsoever! People were so dependant on WhatsApp that I had a hard time trying to know about the happenings in college including submissions. I had to resort to calling people up and had to explain why I was calling and not whatsapping them.

The moment of truth!

All jokes aside, the whole world runs on Whatsapp. I, unfortunately, can’t stop using it forever. So my brief stunt at staying away from WhatsApp finally comes to an end.

For better or for worse, I can’t help but wonder how technology has altered our lives forever.

Here is your take away…

Keep whatsapping! But don’t forget to live your life in between!



Software Product Manager @ Tesla | Living my dreams, one at a time ❤️ | Product, Tech, Content

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Nikita Mallya

Software Product Manager @ Tesla | Living my dreams, one at a time ❤️ | Product, Tech, Content