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There are a ton of posts about product management flooding the internet. The field is ever growing and that is good. But for someone like me who was completely new to it, last year, parsing through them was indeed very difficult — I didn’t know where to start and it frightened me. Honestly, one year later, it still kinda does. But now I know better.

If you just google “so you want to be a product manager” you will come across numerous articles and course links (try it out!) and find yourself lost in a ocean of content.

And that’s…

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I’m patiently waiting for it to be 8:00pm. It’s been a long day despite waking up around 12 in the afternoon. Winters in NYC are harsh — You are shrouded in darkness all day long regardless of when you wake up. I check the clock twice. I so want to start watching the next episode of the Netflix series I’ve been following but I can’t.

The rules of the house are clear — we watch it only when we are together or we don’t at all.

We can be strict that way.

It has become a sacred ritual now. When…

Be forewarned — this article is slightly a tongue in cheek but honest rendition of my fleeting thoughts.

I would like to say that I had to contemplate for a painfully significant amount of time convincing myself that I tried very hard to not write this article. But I’d be lying outright if I said so. After having read a chapter on ethics for my Managerial Negotiations quiz, this afternoon, I could not bear to have this on my conscience. But it’s true that every time I expose my vulnerabilities on any platform be it through my words either in…

Google Associate Product Management Internship Program

A photo for the ages

My dream of becoming a Product Manager was first born when I attended the Grace Hopper Conference in 2018. Although product management can mean different things within different teams and across roles, I loved the idea of bringing together tech, business and design responsibilities into a single role.

And in December 2019, I received the opportunity to interview at Google for their esteemed Associate Product Management internship position. I’ve always wanted to write this down but I have been so scared of how people would react to this post.

But now I realise that failures must be talked about as often as success stories are, if not more.

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A dusty laptop with a greasy keyboard. Unfolded sheets. Alarms going off at odd times. Two tote bags filled to the brim with essential groceries and fluky snacks. Empty walls. That’s what I wake up to every day. It’s been so for 7 weeks now. This is what my life has come to. But today I decided to finally open my eyes.

When I packed my bags 8 months ago to come to NYC, I didn't know what toll it would take on my life. But I left home at 15. It’s been over 7 years since I’ve started living…

My life in NYC so far in a nutshell!


Have you ever been in a room with different people who have had amazing experiences around the world?

I have multiple times. ( *humble-brag*)

But nothing has quite been life-changing like my past few weeks here in New York City.

Loud. Busy. Crowded. Happening. Beautiful. Rich.

NYC is Love.

No wonder why it’s tagged the best city in the world.

It can feel intimidating and fascinating all at the same time. Every street I turn to, every person I meet, each passing second, I am bombarded with new information, trivia, and excitement.

From reading about NYC in books to rewatching…

Be it for a Statement of Purpose or an other essay question.

This article has been written for MS/MBA students focussing on how to go about writing a SOP. But the points noted down here can be used for essay questions on application forms too.

When you check out applications for universities, it’s evident that you will come across the “statement of purpose” section. Rightly so, this is undoubtedly one of the most important elements in your application as it talks about your story – who you are and what you aspire to be. In other words your SOP can make or break your case.

But before you fire up your laptop…

Growing up is cool. Adulting? Not so much.

It is absolutely terrifying coming to terms with this realisation. It was fun while it lasted. I guess it’s time to embrace it. And so, I enter into the next phase of my life — being an actual adult.

All my batchmates are getting ready to jump into it. Now that we have all graduated from college, we are moving across cities, states and even countries. I know some friends of mine, who are moving out of their homes for the first time ever. And a few lucky ones who still get to stay at their humble abode, eat their…

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The train was about to reach Kozhikode station. Looking at my watch, I knew it was time to get down from the upper birth seat. I had copped up in one corner of the berth all the way from Thrissur. There was no other way. Sleeper coaches are crowded all the time. AC tickets are too fancy for me anyway.

As soon as I lowered my legs on to the ground, the train had stopped and people were gushing in. I could hear the faint cry of hawkers chanting, “Halva, Kozhikodean Halva” in the background. It has been a very…

This is Where I Learnt To Live.

Documenting my experiences gives me joy. When I write about the good memories, I feel content. When I write about the bad ones, it gives me strength and hope. I was always a sucker for pain.

A wise man, who knew me very well one day told me I always had too many thoughts in my head.

The truth.

I consider it to be a boon and a bane. My weakness and my strength wrapped up together entangled in a sheath I like to call my mind.

After a writing hiatus lasting about 3 weeks, my hands are restless. I…

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